10 reasons why Foxcroft Academy could be the school for you


1) Foxcroft Academy has a storied history and has stood the test of time.
2) Students who succeed at Foxcroft Academy will excel in the college admissions process.
3) Foxcroft Academy’s ever-expanding curriculum offers something for everyone and helps students discover what they’re passionate about.
4) Foxcroft Academy is located in a safe, wholesome setting.
5) Foxcroft Academy has opened its doors to the world and become a global community.
6) Foxcroft Academy has a beautiful campus with two large, state-of-the art dormitories.
7) Foxcroft Academy has an outstanding residential life program.
8) Foxcroft Academy understands that technology drives today’s educational landscape
9) Foxcroft Academy understands that parents deserve to be well-informed about both the school as a whole and the progress of their child.
10) Foxcroft Academy has a proud athletic tradition and its teams are currently enjoying an unprecedented run of success